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Have you used Gabapentin for sleep or insomnia?

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If you have used gabapentin to treat a sleep disorder such as insomnia or to increase sleep, be sure to share your experience in the remarks section below. In case you had to speed gabapentin's hypnotic efficiency on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being "least effective" and 10 being "highly effective"), that numeric score would you assign it? If you think that gabapentin significantly improves your sleep, in what specific ways do you find it most hypnotically efficacious?

Hypothetical answers may include: enhances symptoms of a health condition (e.g. neuropathic pain) that would normally disturb sleep; induces drowsiness at nighttime; reduces hyperarousal or anxiety in the evening; and/or a combination of each of the aforementioned responses (e.g. weight reduction also CNS downregulation). To help others get a better understanding of your situation, provide additional information like: the dose of gabapentin you frequently administer (e.g. 900 mg), the specific medical condition for which gabapentin was prescribed, the dosing regimen (e.g. once a night, twice per day, etc.), preexisting clinical investigations (e.g. refractory insomnia), along with other substances frequently used in addition to gabapentin (e.g. alcohol, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical medications, etc.). For men who received gabapentin off-label for the managing of a sleep disorder, were other hypnotics (i.e. sleep aids) first examined?

If other hypnotics were trialed prior to gabapentin, mention that the number which were examined and the way gabapentin [subjectively] in comparison concerning hypnotic efficacy and tolerability. Also document the cumulative duration over which you've already been using gabapentin and notice whether you've experienced any unwanted side effects and/or long-term consequences. If you are a long-term gabapentin user, have you ever noticed beginning of tolerance where you needed to increase your dose because of diminishing efficacy of a preceding dosage?

In conclusion, not just do objective polysomnography recordings support the idea that gabapentin enhances sleep parameters, so many users report significant improvements in their sleep quality after gabapentin administration. While higher-quality data are essential to substantiate gabapentin's hypnotic efficacy before it could be recommended as a sleep aid in clinical settings, it may be worth mentioning consideration one of persons: that don't respond to conventional hypnotics; who can't tolerate traditional hypnotics; who pose medical conditions for which gabapentin is signaled -- along with comorbid sleep disturbances; and/or who exhibit atypical presentations of sleep disorders.

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